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This includes a wash & blow-out only. NO styling. If you would like to add a hot tool to the blow out (flat iron or a curling iron for pin straight or soft curls) it would be an additional $30 (at the discretion of the stylist).

**If your wanting a specific style for a special occasion your attending (e.g updo, vintage waves, long lasting curls) you would need to book a ‘special occasion’ hair styling appointment. Where you wash your hair the night before, as the style will hold a lot better if your hair is not freshly washed. If you wish to receive a wash & blow our prior to a formal style the cost will be $60 + $95. However not really recommended depending on the style your receiving. Please inquire further.

Hair Mask $15

Add a intensive nourishing mask to your wash, to deeply condition and repair your hair.


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Booking policies: 

  • All Rates are subjected to HST- even CASH payments.

  • Typically a $50 deposit is required for any single person In-Studio appointment to reserve your date and time slot with us. For group bookings we require a 50% deposit.

  • Any weekday appointments (Monday - Thursday) before 9AM that aren’t for weddings or without a 3 person minimum booking are subject to a $50.00 early start fee per artist.

  • The earliest we start any bookings is 4am. Early start fees do apply from start times between 4-6am. Please inquire further.

  • A premium charge may be applied for Statutory Holidays, $150 per artist.

  • If you are 20 minutes or more late to your appointment. Then you will lose out on your appointment and on the deposit given. Also, some appointments will be charged a $50 no-show / late fee. Please note we are typically booked back to back and we do not have the flexibility to honour late clients.

  • We generally reserve weekend mornings from Friday -Sunday for bridal parties or groups of 3 or more. However please inquire further because we always like to accommodate our clients if and when possible depending on your date and time request.

  • All photos be taken by any artists from Jen Evoy’s Makeup Studio or the photographer on the day of the wedding can be used for promotional use (e.g social media, portfolio, website). You can however request that no photos be taken if you do not want your photo used.