Jen Evoy has carefully selected and fully-trained a team of talented Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.  At Jen Evoy Makeup Studio we make it easy for our clients. It's a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!  Jen Evoy Makeup Studio is one of the largest Makeup & Hair companies in the GTA. We services just under 500 weddings per year and many other special events. With our experience and expertise you can feel confident in your decision to book with us! 




 Jen Evoy has carefully selected and fully-trained a team of talented Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists.  At Jen Evoy Makeup Studio we make it easy for our clients. It's a one stop shop for all your beauty needs!  Jen Evoy Makeup Studio is one of the largest Makeup & Hair companies in the GTA. We services just under 500 weddings per year and many other special events. With our experience and expertise you can feel confident in your decision to book with us! 





Jen has always had a strong love and passion for the art of Makeup. She's been doing makeup/hair for the past 11 years but really her love for makeup began when she was just a toddler. Upon graduating High School Jen immediately pursued her passion and enrolled in a private college, the School Of Professional Makeup Arts. This is where she got her Diploma in Advance Makeup Arts, Airbrush, and Hair Styling. Since graduating Makeup School she has worked in many different avenues of Makeup & Hair- including bridal, editorial, TV, fashion, and stage. Jen eventually achieved her goal of opening up her own beauty studio, Jen Evoy Makeup Studio. 

Jen is a perfectionist and doesn't let a client leave her chair unless every detail on their face is absolutely picture-perfect. She spends a lot of time on each and every client, because quality means way more to her then quantity does. Her work is always described as extremely detailed. She goes above and beyond to make sure her client walks away feeling their absolute prettiest. 



SENIOr Hair Stylist / Studio manager


Desiree has been with the JE team for 4 years. Desiree's love for hair started at an early age.  Growing up with a mother who is a hair dresser, she was surrounded by all things hair and learned much through her.  Although her academic career path took her toward the medical field for a few years, she has now returned to her true passion for hair styling.  Keeping up with the latest trends and techniques allows her to make sure every client walks away with one of their best hair days!  Serving double duty as our client relations representative, she understands that all our clients need special attention, especially brides in the months leading up to their wedding day.  She is always available to answer any questions our clients may have.



SENIOR MAKEUP ARTIST /administrative asst.


Natasha has been working as a freelance makeup artist for the past 5 years, and with the JE team for 3 years now. She is truly passionate about all things feminine, especially bridal. Natasha loves this industry because she feels its so rewarding to be apart of making women feel beautiful on the most important day of their life. Natasha's warm personality makes every client feel totally at ease. She always listens closely to her clients to ensure she is achieving their desired look. Having her clients feel comfortable, absolutely loving their makeup, and enjoying their experience with her is what her top priority is with every client.



Senior MAKEUP ARTIST/ administrative asst.

Joana has been in the makeup industry for 5 years .She trained at George Brown School of Makeup and Esthetics. Joana has been with the JE team for 3 years. She has always been very passionate about makeup. Joana loves the transformation process. “Nothing is more gratifying then the look on my clients faces when they see the finished product. Bringing someone's vision to life and making them feel truly beautiful.” Joana looks forward to the time she gets to spend with each client getting them ready for a special event or a special time in their life. She always adds so much fun to every booking, with her bubbly personality. Being able to share in these special moment is what truly drives Joana to grow as an artist in the Bridal industry. 





As a professional stylist for over 15 years, and has been with the JE team for 7 years. Jennifer uses hair as her canvas, bringing a distinctive and fresh approach to draw out each client's unique beauty.  "Hair is my Art and I love the process of transforming someone from start to finish."  I understood from an early age that hair is not just an accessory; that great hair is the key to feeling beautiful.  "I love hair and feel incredibly blessed that I've found a career that resonates with me so perfectly.  As a stylist, I believe in honesty, patience, creativity and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for you.





Melanie is a certified Professional Makeup Artist with over 10 years experience. She has been with the JE Team for 7 years. As an empowered woman, wife and mommy, her mission is to make you feel beautiful and at your most confident on your special day. Using the best products from the world’s top brands, along with cutting edge techniques, Melanie always delivers a flawless, long lasting and stunning makeup for any event.  Her love, passion & attitude for her work of art creates a stress free and enjoyable environment leaving you feeling and looking your absolute best on your special day. 





Linda's Love for art started at a very early age which led to her pursing a career in makeup artistry in 2004. Linda started with the JE team 3 years ago. Over the years, Linda sees the important, and positive effects makeup can have on a client. Nothing makes linda feel more accomplished than seeing her client's confidence and inner beauty shine through after a makeup application. To help hone her skills and further her expertise, Linda believes in continuos education. Using only high quality, professional products. Linda loves creating flawless, photo ready looks for all her clients. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients feel comfortable and the absolute best version of themselves. 



Senior Hair Stylist & Extension specialist


Marina is a very passionate Hair Stylist, who has over 8 years of experience and has been with the team for the last 2+ years. Even though Marina has been doing hair for quite some time, she is always eager and hungry to learn new things! She loves keeping up with the latest trends and techniques so she can produce and deliver the very best quality of work. Marina strives to make sure each and every single client feels 100% satisfied with their hair. She is very observant and intuitive to the clients needs and what exact look they're hoping to achieve. She wont' stop playing with the clients hair, until she sees a big happy smile on her clients faces!!

Facetune_02-03-2018-14-04-45 (1).JPG


SENIOR hair stylisT


Kaila has been in the hair industry as a licensed professional stylist for 15 years, graduate from Marvel College. Kaila started with the JE team 1+ year(s) ago. She started at a very young age braiding and styling all her dolls, and managed to turn her childhood hobby into a lifelong passion and career. Kaila's thirst for knowledge and learning new things keeps her up to date on current trends. She believes that communication is just as important as creativity, and uses both skills to truly understand and execute her clients vision. Kaila knows how important your special day is to you. Being the  perfectionist that she is, she will make sure every pin and every strand of hair is perfectly in place.



Senior Makeup Artist


Leena has been a JE artist for 2+ years. Her passion for art began at a very young age, when she spent most of her days sketching and painting anything that inspired her. Those skills grew bigger and were later applied to graphic design, which Leena has been pursing. When in college, Leena discovered the world of beauty and she immediately found a deep love in makeup artistry which she has pursued immediately after graduating college, as a self-taught makeup artist. 

Leena loves the fast paced exciting wedding industry. Where every face serves as her canvas and a new challenge. Using only the best products on the market, every transformation is considered a work of art. Leena always makes sure her clients leave with a smile whether its enhancing one’s natural beauty or a complete beauty transformation.


Senior Makeup Artist


Allie is an established makeup artist who has excelled in the industry for 5 years and has been with the JE team for 2 years. An undergraduate of OCAD University, Allie draws from her artistic and creative background. Utilizing top brand name products to produce uniquely elegant and timeless beautiful looks. Having previously worked for both Sephora and MAC Cosmetics, Allie possesses an extensive knowledge of both products and the latest techniques/trends. Providing her clients with their dream look that makes them feel their very best is what Allie passionately pursues each day as makeup artist.



SENIOR hair stylisT


Alessandra began her career as a licensed Hair Stylist 3 years ago and has been with the JE team for 1 year. Alessandra absolutely fell in love with all things hair. Alessandra always feels so grateful that- what she has an immense love and passion for she gets to refer to as her full-time 'job'. Alessandra first started her career by working in a salon, doing all aspects of hair. She then soon realized that styling hair (specifically Bridal) was the path she wanted to be on and had the strongest passion for. Of course she then started focusing on just that! Alessandra knows the importance of hair especially for a Bride on their most special day. Alessandra takes so much pride in putting a smile on her clients faces and making them feel confident with their hairstyle. Alessandra pays close attention to detail and makes sure that every client leaves her chair saying they love their hair!




Senior Makeup Artist


Kristina is a makeup lover and travel enthusiast from Toronto. She started her makeup career just under 7 years ago. She joined the JE Team a year ago! Right after graduating makeup school at the Parimita Makeup Academy she immediately began freelancing, and working for Mac Cosmetics. Throughout her time at Mac she received additional certificates and became the to-go-to girl for all makeup applications. Throughout the years, Kristina has gained a lot of experience in all avenues of makeup but her favourite are weddings/special events which has lead her here to the studio. Kristina says: "Making a Bride feel the most beautiful on her special day is truly the most rewarding, because pictures do last a lifetime." Kristina listens to personal needs and wants so she insures client satisfaction every single time. You will always feel comfortable with Kristina and she also always guarantee a laugh or two!


Melanie a.

Assisting hair stylisT

Melanie is currently assisting with the intention of transitioning into a Senior Hair Stylist with the studio. Hoping to soon pursue her strong passion with what has always come quite natural to her. Since childhood, Melanie has always been drawn to creative arts, which is why she went to College for Art. She now enjoys bringing her eye for detail and steady hand to the art of hair styling.  As a wife and mother, she has realized that time is of the essence. Since Melanie has always been pursued by family and friends for hair styling, and told that she "missed her calling", she took it upon herself to finally go after her dream and utilize her talent with the JE team. "Hair styling is an art and in art there is beauty, I want to bring my passions together and help clients feel like beautiful works of art."  - M.A.



lash extension technician


Rachel has always had a love for long, full and fluttery lashes. In her early teens as soon as she was allowed to wear makeup she went straight for the eyelash curler and mascara- loading tons of it on (we should add).  Learning and perfecting lash extensions the past 3 years has opened up a whole new world for her.  Rachel loves the transformation and confidence clients receive when seeing their new set of lashes for the first time. She believes lashes can change a persons whole face, adding the perfect amount of drama in the right place! In lash terms: Rachel doesn't stop lashing until every last possible lash is lashed. Clients walking away fully satisfied is always the top of Rachel's priority list.  



hair extension specialist

Mikayla has been doing hair as a licensed hairstylist for about 14 years and has been with Jen Evoy Makeup Studio for 2 years now. She got into hair extensions specifically because she loved being able to give her clients voluminous luscious locks whether short or long! Mikayla loves hearing her clients say "I could only dream of this hair!"  She really makes all our clients hair dreams come true. She also strongly believes that hair has such a huge part in a womens confidence, which is another reason why she loves her job. 



senior hair Stylist

Silvana started with the JE team a year ago. Silvana’s passion for hair stems from her background in Fashion Art and Design. Constantly immersed in the latest fashion trends and culture, Silvana has a keen eye for style. She brings a fresh and creative approach to her work that makes each of her clients feel their very best. Silvana’s main goal is to exceed her client's expectations and make them feel confident. Her love for hair styling shows in her work, ensuring that every strand is perfectly placed and flows seamlessly with the look her client is trying to achieve. Her outgoing and fun personality is infectious and makes everyone around her feel comfortable, stress-free, and excited for whatever the occasion may be. 




Senior makeup artist


Charlene is a certified makeup artist working in the beauty industry for over 3 years, and with the JE team for 1 year. Her love for makeup began at a very early age. Since then she has taken that love and passion and transformed it into a full-time career, primarily in the Bridal industry here at Jen Evoy Makeup Studio. Charlene's true calling is making sure each person feels the most comfortable in their own skin. Her warm smile and talented skill has everyone feeling totally at ease. She excels at enhancing natural beauty and making her clients look their very best on their big day.  For Charlene, each day she strives to continue to learn, grow and prosper. Always ensuring that each client is absolutely satisfied and in love with how they look, leaving her chair.


senior makeup artist

Aurora received a makeup diploma at CMU (Complections College of Makeup Art and Design) and has been working as a freelance artist for the last three years. Aurora is a passionate makeup artist, who takes pride in always wanting to truly please all of her clients. She is constantly looking for ways to grow- by learning about new products /techniques. Aurora pursued a career as a makeup artist simply because she loves seeing just what effect the proper makeup application can have on a woman. She loves to make women feel beautiful on the inside translating out.  Aurora says: “I knew I wanted to work at Jen Evoy studio because for the last couple of years I would find myself always looking to their page for makeup inspiration. Ive just loved their style and felt it really matched my own. I feel this is the perfect fit for me and I couldn’t imagine myself working anyone else then being surrounded by these talented ladies.”.



senior makeup artist

Sharlines passion for makeup in high school. She was in charge of doing the art performers makeup. Sharline later went to College to become a law clerk and worked for a law firm downtown Toronto. However, she quickly realized that law was not her passion. Sharline then found herself always educating herself on make up and doing freelance on the side in her spare time. She has now been a freelance Makeup Artist for last 7 years and within those years, she decided to go to post secondary school yet again. This time for something she loved. She attended Sheridan College for Makeup for Media and Creative Arts. She proudly graduated with High Honours and loved every single moment of it! Sharline expresses how being a makeup artist has always given her such an exciting high. It allows her creativity to passionately show through her work. Sharline also finds much pride in seeing her clients transform. Sharline says: ‘ I wanted to work for Jen Evoy Makeup Studio because I fell in love with Jen Evoy and her teams work. I first took the Intense 1-on-1 Training course for Professional Makeup Artists to sharpen my skills at the studio. Then I absolutely fell in love with how passionate the team was about their craft. I was so inspired and knew I wanted to work here and be apart of this amazing and talented team!''.